General Fountain Notes

  • Fountain fixtures do not require Shock Hazard testing; however, if fixture connects to a pool it requires Shock Hazard testing.
  • These fixtures are available with 12VDC or 120VAC, but not 277V input power. 12VDC is most desirable, because of safety (not currently standard but will be by start of FY19).  Check with local jurisdiction for voltage limitations (example, New York and Florida).  
  • Fountain Fixtures come with power cord standard length of 10ft but can be ordered up to 120ft maximum in increments of 5ft (there are few that start with 35ft like 4415).
  • Better performance at 50K (CCT)
  • More water over fixture better effect and look.
  • When using fountain fixtures the customer will need to use underwater Junction Box and Potting compound and cord seal, Hydrel can provide PC-21, listed on the specification sheets.
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