Error updating nonMaster Frescos over Ethernet when its firmware version is prior to 201.xx and the Master Fresco is on 201.xx or later

In this article, nonMaster Frescos refer to all Fresco devices that are not ethernet capable (controller id 2-99). Master Frescos on the other hand are the Ethernet connected controllers with controller id 1.

There is a compatibility issue when attempting to update nonMaster Frescos over Ethernet when a Master Fresco is on firmware version 201.xx and the nonMaster to be updated to a version prior to 201.xx. The following things can be done to work around this issue:

  • When using Fresco Studio, select update all which will first update the nonMasters and then the Masters, this will prevent any issues.
  • Update the nonMaster Frescos via USB.
  • Downgrade the Master Fresco to firmware version 200.xx. Then update all nonMaster Frescos and then finally update the Master Fresco back to 201.xx
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