nIO EZDL CCT Color Temperature Percent also affected by Wallpod Dimming Adjustment

nIO EZDL CCT  "Wallpod Dimming Adjustments" function will have the same effect on the Color Temperature Percent Default Setting as "Wallpod Dimming Adjustments" also normally has on the "Occupied Bright Level" default setting.


By factory default the nIO EZDL CCT will have its "Wallpod Dimming Adjustments" function set to "Permanent", so if either the dimming intensity and/or Color Temperature are adjusted from (for example) an nPODM 2P DX, the DEFAULT SETTINGs of Occupied Bright Level and /or Color Temperature Percent are thereby directly adjusted.  So when I turn the Lamp OFF then back ON again it will turn on at the dim and color levels that I last set it to via the nPODM 2P DX.


If I change the nIO EZDL CCT's Wallpod Dimming Adjustment function to the Temporary setting, and I have chosen (for example) the Default Setting for Occupied Bright Level to be 100% and Default Setting of Color Temperature Percent to be 100%, then no matter what I temporarily dim those values to via the nPODM 2P DX, whenever I turn the lamp OFF then back on again, it will go to my Default settings of 100% for dimming AND 100% for Color Temperature.


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