nPOD GFX is not synchronized with sensorview

The nPOD-GFX’s screens will display in the Device Tree in red with a yellow bar instructing me to rediscover the device. Upon pressing Rediscover, the device appears to be discovered correctly, but displays in the device tree in Orange indicating a Mismatch between SensorView and the nPOD-GFX.

Try to resync the device

Try to resync it, either from the Device or from SensorView, the nPOD-GFX will indicate that it has synced.

Try restoring factory defaults for the device

Restore factory defaults for only the selected nPOD GFX, not for any other device

Clear the database and rediscover

Clear the database, rediscover devices and try programming the nPOD GFX again.


!!! Caution !!!

As a last resort and only upon instruction by Technical Support or Engineering

Re-install SensorView.

Uninstalling and reinstalling SensorView means you lose your database

Your bridge port names will not come back, and scenes/profiles will need to be resynchronized into SensorView. 

If this happens on an existing site that has been operational, the customer may lose some useful info.


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