FCN device is displayed in Red or is not discovered

It is likely that the different FCN devices in the network have incompatible firmware. To fix this issue:

  1. In the Fresco Touchscreen verify the firmware version is FR10V200.00 (or FR12V200.00) or greater. If the touchscreen's firmware needs to be updated see:
  2. Once the Fresco Touchscreens firmware is up to date, verify that the RB's and/or AVI's firmware is FR11V200.00/FR02V200.00 or greater. This can be done by going to the FCN tab in Fresco and expanding each device. To update a device, select either update or update all, then specify the firmware to update to and select OK.
  3. Once all firmware is version 200 or greater, all devices should be discovered and displayed in white.
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