How to replace an ARP card without losing your Fresco Programming

In order to replace an ARP card without losing your Fresco Programming:

  1. Before replacing any card, make sure to back up your Fresco programming to Fresco Studio by importing a project.
  2. Once your programming has been imported into Fresco Studio, erase all Fresco Programming by selecting Remove All in the nLight tab.
  3. After powering off the ARP, replace the card/cards on the panel.
  4. Power up the ARP and restart Fresco. Go to the nLight page and wait until discovery is complete. Take note of the newly discovered ARP's serial number.
  5. In Fresco Studio, enter the newly discovered ARP's Parent Serial Number in the ARP’s Parent Serial Address box in Fresco Studio. Depending on which card was replaced, it is possible that the Parent Serial Address is the same as it was before.
  6. Export your programming back to Fresco.
  7. Restart Fresco and go to the nLight tab. Once discovery is complete, you should see the ARP with the correct card serial numbers.
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