Fresco: RB switch fails to update firmware.

If the FCN device does not update using the Fresco Touchscreen, it may be due to an incompatibility in the current version of firmware on the FCN device and the touchscreen.

(Attached are the introductions to update Fresco firmware.)

Some devices may appear to have been updated correctly, and are on the correct version of firmware, whereas others may have failed.

If using FCS7 200.X+, a special update process may need to be followed. This process applies to:

FCS RB 200.X and below

FCS AVI 200.X and below


  1. Navigate to the FCN tab to perform an update: Menu -> Setup -> FCN.
  2. Select a device to update (which failed to update previously). Do not use Update All, only use the individual device Update.
  3. Tap the Update button.
  4. Select the particular firmware version.
  5. Power cycle the device which was selected (do not remove power to the Fresco, unplug the selected FCN device by its 4-pin connector, or remove power to that specific device).
  6. Tap okay while still on the update screen.
  7. The update process should continue as normal and the firmware updates successfully.

Note: If this does not work the first time, try again, the timing on the device restarting and continuing the update process must be done quickly.




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