FCN/nLight devices are displayed in Red or Gray in Fresco

Devices will be colored gray when they have been detected on the network, but haven’t been added to the Fresco programming. They can be add by selecting the device and touching Add, or by selecting Add all.

Devices will be colored red due to one of the following reasons:

  1. nLight device was added to programming, but is not detected on the network
    1. Ensure the device is properly connected.
    2. Ensure the device is properly powered.
    3. Restart Fresco to ensure devices are re-discovered.
    4. If the device has been removed, the entry can be deleted by selecting the device and then pressing Remove Device.
  2. FCN device appear in Red when they are programmed with incompatible firmware. FCS devices with firmware 200 and newer require other FCS devices have firmware versions 200 and newer as well.
    1. Update the firmware on other devices by selecting Update All or Update via Fresco.
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