Wallpod does not control or appear to function

If an nLight wallpod is configured to control something but does not appear to function, such as the lights not turning on or room not linking.

The status led may appear to not change, and otherwise the wallpod does not appear to work.

Check what version of firmware is currently in use: 111.35 and earlier firmware on the FCS7 do not put the wallpod into a special button mode 'Wallpod Mode'. This is necessary for the wallpod to function.

Using SensorView, check if the wallpods which are not functioning have Wallpod Mode set for each button in Default Settings.

Otherwise, update to 200.X firmware, which configures wallpod mode on each button as part of its configuration.

Note: The nPOD-EDU-TW wallpod (and other wallpods) may not default to wallpod mode on factory reset.

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