Loss of photocell control

If a dimmer is assigned to be controlled by a photocell / in follow photocell mode, and the photocell is removed from the system or a communication issue is encountered, the dimmer may not appear to be able to reach maximum brightness or intensity.

The system is waiting for a response from the photocell.

After about 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the channel control of a load missing its photocell keep-alive will be allowed to be controlled from user.

After this time period, the dimmer can then be controlled to max brightness as if it were no longer under photocell control.

If the photocell hardware is replaced, or communication is functioning properly again, photocell dimming may have to wait 2 / 2.5 minutes for dimmers appear to dim. It may take a few minutes before the photocell begins controlling the dimmers.

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