Update nLight co-processor firmware

The Fresco nPoller or nLight co-processor can be updated the same way as other nLight devices connected to the Fresco.

The version of firmware can be found on the Fresco Touchscreen: Menu -> Setup -> About : nLight Co-processor.

To update the firmware, follow the standard process of updating nLight devices:

Connect an nCOMM Kit

Using Sensorview, navigate to the Updates screen.

A device with address FFFFFFF3 is listed and may show the name as Fresco. This is the nPoller or nLight co-processor within Fresco.

Select the device and update it.

The version should be at a minimum of Z-007.

If the version is Z-004 or earlier, it may need to be swapped or returned to have the firmware updated. These are from early releases and did not support updating firmware through the nCOMM kit.

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