nECY Reset Buttons – Controller Reset Button and Sidecar “S-Codes”

This article describes the functions provided by the reset buttons on the nLight ECLYPSE(tm) product.

There are two separate reset buttons on the product – one on the main controller module, and one located inside the nLight Interface.  The following photo shows the positions of these two reset buttons.

  • The “system reset” button for the Eclypse controller (circled in red) is located on the bottom edge of the controller (center) module, to the left of the Ethernet ports.  The functions of this button are described in Chapter 11 of the nLight ECLYPSE(tm) User Guide.
  • The nLight Interface reset button (circled in blue) is located inside the plastic cover of the nLight Interface module.


Accessing the nECY nLight Interface Reset Button:

  • Gently slide the two locking tabs on the cover of the nLight Interface module upwards until they click, revealing an  icon.
  • Pull the top cover straight up (away from the DIN rail) until it separates from the body of the module.

Functions of the nECY nLight Interface Reset Button:

  • It will reset/reboot the controller if you hold it down for 5 seconds.

If you press and release the push-button momentarily for the indicated #times, it performs the following functions:

  • 2X – Enables extended TCP/IP communications debug logging.
  • 3X – Disables extended TCP/IP communications debug logging.
  • 4X – Disables SSH.*
  • 5X – Enables SSH.*
  • 6X – Disables wireless device support.
  • 7X – Enables wireless device support.
  • 8X – Disables the MQTT/BACnet polling engine
  • 9X – Enables the MQTT/BACnet polling engine

*The SSH function is going away soon.

Functions of the nECY Controller Reset Button:

(Pasted from nLight ECLYPSE(tm) User Guide)

Depending on the amount of time the reset button is held down, different actions are taken by the controller:

  • 5 seconds to restart / reboot the controller
  • 10 seconds to reset both Ethernet and Wi-Fi IP addresses back to factory default settings
  • 20 seconds to reset the controller to its factory default settings. User accounts (user names and
  • passwords) will also be reset to the factory default settings and the controller’s license
  • and HTTPS security certificates will be cleared.

Always backup the controller’s license through the controller’s Web interface before you hold the

controller’s reset button for 20 seconds. Once the controller reboots, you will have to install the

license through the controller’s Web interface.

For further information and cautions on the controller’s reset button, refer to the nLight ECLYPSE User Guide.

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