Random lights appear to not be turning on or off

Random lights appear to not be turning on or off for a room. In particular if multiple Fresco units are connected together on the FCN bus, the lights associated with one Fresco do not always turn on or off when they are controlled from another Fresco.

Another possible symptom may be room linking does not function reliably. Sometimes, the room link may combine and link or unlink rooms, other times the linking may not completely work.

Verify the bus wiring type and connectivity.

Isolate zones and force control by communication across network:

A method for confirming wiring issues is when the Fresco units are in different rooms, but there are nLight devices or DMX fixtures connected to each Fresco.

Fresco A, with some nLight/DMX outputs assigned to Zone 11

Fresco B, with some nLight/DMX outputs assigned to Zone 21

From the user interface on one Fresco, assign a channel to control the zones isolated to another Fresco. In the example above: Fresco A assigned a channel to control Zone 21 (which is only on Fresco B). When the channel is actuated, this causes communication across the Fresco FCN bus and may appear intermittent and not function consistently. This is typically a wiring issue.

Check the Diagnostic screen for potential error status:

Navicate to Menu -> Diagnostics -> FCN.

Look for Noise/Parity/Framing or other error status

Adjust the lighting state for the room and look at diagnostic screen again to see if error states increased.

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