Client Lost SensorView Password

Our Default User Name and Pass word are:

User Name:  Administrator

Password is: admin

However if they have changed it and lost the password then:

1. They Have to Copy the Back up files from the nLight Folder to their Desktop.

2. Uninstall the entire Sensor view from their PC.

3. Download the latest version of the SensorView from the Website and Install it on their PC.

4. The Default User name and password is :

User Name:  Administrator

Password is: admin

5. Use Import option of admin\database tab to import Backup.


Read Note Below for step by step and download Link:


Steps to copy Back up from your Laptop to your Desktop:


  1. Click on Start then Click on  Computer then Click and  c:\Acuity Brands\SensorView\Backups
  2. Copy one or all you backups to your Desktop or a folder on your desktop.
  3. Uninstall Sensor view from Your Computer Completely.
  4. You can download Sensorview from above list and reinstall it to your PC:
  6. Open sensor view Log in User Name:  Administrator   password: admin
  7. Click On Admin Tab , click on DataBase Tab Click On Import and point the link to the Backup Folder in desktop. And hit OK.
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