Partitions in Synergy Config

Using Synergy Config with Partitions

 Setting up a partitioned room in Synergy can seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t that difficult once you understand the concept behind the way control works for these rooms. The first step is to understand and have a list of the fixtures being controlled, the function desired from these fixtures, the number of stations in each room and their functionality, and of course, the number of partitions.

 In this example, we will assume the following setup:

 We have a small Synergy cabinet, with an SYSC MLX controller, an SYPMB 6D dimming module set to address 1, and an SYPMB 8L relay module set to address 2.  We have a large room that has two partitions. There are 18 dimming can lights in the room, and 6 switched overhead lights. When all the partitions are closed, each room has 6 dimming lights and two overhead lights. Each room has two control stations – one on the north wall, one on the south. Each is an SYRSP station with 6 buttons, for a total of 6 SYRSP stations.

 We will start by treating each portion of the larger room (which we will call Room ABC) as its individually partitioned rooms (Room A, Room B, and Room C).

 In order for each room to have individual control of the fixtures in that room, the fixtures MUST be on their own circuits; even though Room ABC has 18 can lights, for example, they are all grouped in sections of six, controlled by three separate dimming relays. Likewise, there are three switched relays, each controlling two of the overhead lights. We will assign these relays to groups for control as follows:

[Group 001] Room A Overheads (Switched Relay 0101)
[Group 002] Room B Overheads (Switched Relay 0103)
[Group 003] Room C Overheads (Switched Relay 0105)
[Group 004] Room A Cans (Dimmed Relay 0102)
[Group 005] Room B Cans (Dimmed Relay 0104)
[Group 006] Room C Cans (Dimmed Relay 0106)

 We also might want to create a group that controls all of the lights in a room at once, as follows:

[Group 007] All Room A Lights (Relays 101 and 102)
[Group 008] All Room B Lights (Relays 103 and 104)
[Group 009] All Room C Lights (Relays 105 and 106) 

We also need to create groups to control our SYA IR PARTITION sensors, which we will land on our 8L module at input J1 and input J2.

[Group 010] Partition 1 (Switch 0201)
[Group 011] Partition 2 (Switch 0202) 

Next, we need to determine the functions desired for the buttons on our stations. Again, these MUST be identical for each station; though they will individually control different groups, the functions have to be the same to allow combined control when the partitions are not in place.

We have 6 buttons per station in this example. We want to set them up with the following control scheme:

Button 1: On (all lights in room)
Button 2: Off (all lights in room)
Button 3: Alternate control of overhead lights
Button 4: Alternate control of can lights
Button 5: Ramp Up control of can lights
Button 6: Ramp Down control of can lights


Next, we assign each station control of the groups for the rooms that the station will be in; Stations 1 and 2, which will be in Room A, are set up as follows…

Button 1: On (Group 007)
Button 2: Off (Group 007)
Button 3: Alternate control of overhead lights (Group 001)
Button 4: Alternate control of can lights (Group 004)
Button 5: Ramp Up control of can lights (Group 004)
Button 6: Ramp Down control of can lights (Group 004) 

…while stations 3 and 4 in Room B will look like:

Button 1: On (Group 008)
Button 2: Off (Group 008)
Button 3: Alternate control of overhead lights (Group 002)
Button 4: Alternate control of can lights (Group 005)
Button 5: Ramp Up control of can lights (Group 005)
Button 6: Ramp Down control of can lights (Group 005) 

Next, we go to the Room Assign tab in Config. Create a room that is 3 wide and 1 high, then click build new. In the screen that loads next, left click on RM1: Room 1. Assign your stations to the room (should be 1 and 2 – you choose one, then repeat the process to add the second.). Do the same for the other two rooms.

Now, go to your Switches tab. Make sure that switch 0201 (Input J1 on our 8L board) is set to maintained, and the group is set to Partition 1. Do the same for Partition 2 and switch 0202.

And we should now be all set! Individually, the rooms are controlled by their two SYRSP stations, as programmed above, when the partitions are closed. When the partitions are open, the stations combine to control all the lights of the same sort – hence, all the cans in Room BC are controlled together, all the overheads together, and so forth. Default dimming level is determined by the highest numbered station – hence, when combined, the dimming level of the room will be set to whatever Station 6 is set to.

And that is how you create a partitioned room in Synergy config.





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