Fresco: Can I use other kinds of cable for the FCN wiring?

Any cable which is approved by the manufacturer for use with RS-485 (EIA-485) networks can be used for FCN, so long as a common conductor is also pulled with it to connect the power supply commons of the different devices together.  We recommend shielding over the twisted pair since it provides additional immunity against incident noise, but an unshielded twisted pair also meets the RS-485 spec. and would work fine in many non-industrial environments.  If an unshielded cable is used, more care should be used to avoid running the cable near noise sources, such as WiFi antennas, electronic ballasts or drivers, and similar electronic devices.

Cables approved for RS-422 (EIA-422) may also be used, although they will include two twisted pairs.  One of the twisted pairs should be used for data, and the 2nd twisted pair may either be left unused or the two conductors can be tied together and used to connect the power supply commons.

The main advantages of using A4 cable are that we can provide it as part of the lighting controls package, guarantee it will work well, and the conductor insulation colors match the device connectors

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