Connecting Dimming Ballast to a Micro Panel

Hooking up the 0-10 Volt Signal

Most dimming ballast follow the same color code.

VIOLET: The Control signal

GRAY: The common or Ground Signal. Note: this is NOT EARTH GROUND, it is a separate floating ground.


Similarly the GND connector on our control board is NOT Earth Ground it is also isolated from the Ground of the GR2400 Bus. In-fact the whole 0-10 Volt section of the Dimmer is separate and isolated from he rest of the system with opto isolators.

This prevents a ballast failure or other event that might put 277 volts on the "Low Voltage" wires from causing the whole system and all low voltage electronics from becoming "live."

Number of Ballasts

Each 0-10 Volt output can provide up to 15 milliamps, both as a source and a sink to the connected ballasts. Depending on the brand of ballast this can usually drive the connected load. Most ballasts only require 0.1 milliamps so that would be 1 50 ballasts. Allowing for a margin of error a load of 50 ballasts should not be excessive. For special ballast that require more power a "booster board" is available.


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