Can the SwitchPAK be networked?

The SwitchPAK has the ability to work in a Transmit/Receive fashion. One unit can be set-up as the Transmit panel and the other panels on the network can be set-up as listening devices (Receivers). Software is not required as the units are programmed via the touch pads on the face of the units. The cabling for the network is a twisted shielded pair (SYA CABLE S2) and can be ran up to 2000 feet.

In the send cabinet, all relays are assigned to the photocell.

In the send cabinet, set input 8 to control relay 8. (when the photocell triggers relay 8, input 8 will also activate)

In the receive cabinet, set the remote input 8 for input 8 of the send cabinet. (this should be already set)

Also set remote input 8 to control relays in the send cabinet. 

Now when the photocell activate relay 8, it will in turn activate input 8. Input 8 will switch remote input 8 to on and all relays assigned to remote input 8 will engage.


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