GX2 SensorView Installation

The GX2 sever is simply a windows server, and can be re-purposed as a SensorView host for XPoint sites that were initially sold with the GX2 but are being commissioned with SensorView.

Accessing the server

The GX2 server has RDP enabled, so there is no need to attach a keyboard/mouse and monitor. Search for "Remote Desktop Connection" in your computer's start menu, and connect to the server's IP address (the default should be indicated by a sticker on the box).
The server ships with a username and password of "Administrator/lcd".

Installing SensorView

Run the latest SensorView installer, just as if you were installing on any other computer.

Fix IIS configuration

Open the Start menu on the GX2 server and search for and open the Internet Information Sercies (IIS) Manager.

Navigate to the Default Web Site in the tree in the left, and open SSL Settings.

Deselect the "Require SSL" option.

Click "Apply"

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