XPW Bridge Serial Connection

This page describes the process of logging into the XPW bridge using the bridge connection. The serial connection can be used to log into the bridge if the bridge is not reachable through ethernet connecton.
Tools needed:

  1. XPW Bridge
  2. Serial-USB cable
  3. Laptop with Putty installed.

 Establishing the serial connection

  1. Make sure that the device drivers for the serial-USB cable are installed on the laptop. The drivers will automatically installed when you connect the serial-USB cable to your laptop. Laptop should be connected to internet for the drivers to be downloaded. ALso ensure that the putty terminal program is installed on your laptop.
  2. Now connect the DB9 end of the serial-USB connector to the XPW bridge and insert the USB end in your laptop.
  3. Open Device Manager in windows. This can be done by entering 'Device Manager' in your search bar in start menu. In the device manager window you will see a serial port added under Ports (COM & LPT). Make a note of that serial port number.
  4. Now open the putty terminal and select Serial option from the radio buttons. Enter the port number that you found from the device manager in the 'Serial Line' field: COMx (x being the serial port number from device manager). Enter the speed as 38400. And press open.
  5. Once inside the putty, you shall see login screen. Enter the login credentials as follows:

Login : root 
Password : *************
After that you will see the following screen indicating that you have logged in successfully.

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