Overview: nLight / XPoint Wireless System Integration Updates(* Complete)

See nLight-XPW System Integration Release Notes

Contents include:


  • Summary of What’s New or Changing with this Release
  • Updated System Architecture
    • nLight Gateway (nGWY2) as System Backbone Controller for XPoint Wireless
    • XPoint Wireless Bridge (XPA BRG)
    • Summary of Backbone Device Counts
    • nLight Ethernet Switch (nETHSW)
  • SensorView 13 Supported Devices (including firmware requirements)
    • Existing XPoint Wireless Devices
    • Unsupported XPoint Wireless Hardware
  • XPA SIAC2 L2 – Details and Updates
  • XPoint Wireless Bridge – Details and Updates
    • XPoint Wireless Bridge Virtual Ports and Local Channels
    • Global Channel Capabilities
    • XPA BRG Configuration and Defaults
    • Wireless Device Associations
    • Custom Wireless Encryption
    • Diagnostic Updates
    • Updates from XPoint Wireless Gateway
  • Overview of XPoint Wireless Supported Functionality in SV13
    • Core SV Functionality
    • XPoint Wireless Device Settings
    • Unique Default (Master) Settings
    • Special Operating Modes
    • Profile Settings
    • Occupancy and Dimming Settings
    • Daylight Settings
    • XPoint Associations
  • nLight / XPoint Wireless System Interaction
    • Profiles
    • Global Preset Support
  • Other New Features and Improvements
    • New Branding – Acuity Controls
    • Acuity Controls Network Configuration Tool
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