How do the Fresco Remote Button station timeouts function

The timeout and blink warn functionality applies to the FCS RB inputs as well as nLight wallpods. The warn time and timeout functionality is identical except each input on the FCS RB might need to be configured for timeouts to behave as expected.


An example setup would have one of the three available buttons on the FCS RB configured to control a zone with a timeout of 2 hours. When the button is pressed the timeout countdown will start and 2 hours later the zone will be turned off. Only the first button if pressed again during the timeout period will abort or cancel the timeout, the other two buttons will not cancel the timeout.

Each button configured for control on the FCS RB if setup for a timeout will likely need setting to the same value: An On and Off button configured for zone control with a timeout of 2 hours for instance would need the On button timeout set for 2 hours and the Off button timeout set for 2 hours.

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