Updating XPA BRG

This proposal is a draft and subject to change.

Checking firmware version

After connecting with PuTTY, run
If the bridge is already on SensorView compatible firmware, the bridge's firmware version can also be seen on the devices.html page.
If the bridge isn't accessible via a web browser (or is only accessibly through https), it is on pre-SensorView firmware and needs to be updated.

What's needed

  • The XPA Bridge must be installed and powered up
  • Ability to connect to the XPA Bridge using an ethernet connection
  • Terminal emulator, such as Putty
  • File transfer program, such as WinSCP
  • A .tar file (to be supplied by engineering) to upgrade the device to. Link to the box folder.

Performing the update

At a high level the update process breaks down into the following steps:

  1. Copy the .tar file to the XPA BRG
  2. Open remote terminal on the XPA BRG via
  3. initiate the update

Copying .tar file

You will need the IP address of the XPA BRG in order to connect using WinSCP. If this has not yet been configured, you may need to use the Network Configuration Tool tool to do so.
WinSCP is a tool which can be used to securely transfer files to other devices. To copy the .tar file to the XPA BRG:

  1. Follow the instructions for connecting to the XPA BRG via WinSCP, use root for login and 'please ask Engineering or Field Tech Lead for password (only for Acuity Employees)
  2. Ensure that you are in the /root directory on the XPA BRB
  3. Drag and drop the .tar file from your PC to the XPA BRG

Opening a terminal

  1. Follow these putty instructions to connect and open a remote terminal
  2. Use root as the username, please ask Engineering or Field Tech Lead for password (only for Acuity Employees)

Initiating the update

  1. In the remote terminal run the command (substituting proper file name): updateadt <filename of update> and press enter. Note that after typing a few characters of the update filename you can press the tab to key to autocomplete - double check that the filename is correct in case there is another older update file in the same location.
  2. The update will take approximately 30s to complete, once the terminal prompt returns type exit and press enter to close the session

Cleaning Up

There are a few settings that were used on Adura Gateways that should be disabled on a BRG. The following settings in /Adura/Gateway/config/adt.conf should bet modified:

  • REGISTRATION_URL = (note that this should be set to blank)
  • DEBUG_LOG_LEVEL = 0 (note that this is normally 0, but can be increased for debugging detail in the log)


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