SensorView 13 / XPW FSE service procedures training in Berkeley 6/21-6/22


  • Overview of System Updates – 1.5 hours (Alex)
    • Review of Release Note content
    • SV13 demo
  • Zigbee Basics – 1 hours (Mahathi)
    • RF Channels, PAN IDs, network saturation, etc.
  • XPA BRG Hands On – 1.5 hours (Aditya)
  • RF Network Migration Lab – 1 hours (Aditya)
    • Commissioning Tool
    • XPA BRG Device Association Process
    • Rescue
    • Network Scan
    • Network security
  • SV Commissioning Review (what’s different from nLight) – 2 hours (Francis)


  • XPW System Startup Standard Work Checklist – 1 hour (Alex)
  • ASD / XML RPC – 2 hours (Aditya)
  • Follow-up on Troubleshooting Scenarios (if not discussed during previous day) – 1 hour? (Aditya)
    • Verifying device communication \ Rediscover (Device Announce)
    • Device Firmware
    • Resetting devices for firmware updates
    • Refreshing the whole system: Delete Database , Reboot NGWY2 , Reboot Bridge.
    • Checking network security key in SensorView
    • If the Network security set, powercycle Device to use rescue in window of 30 mins.
    • Network Identify
    • Factory reset XPW Devices.
    • Reboot \ Halt : XPW Bridge file gystem getting into bad state.
  • Application Best Practices – 0.5 hours (Alex)
  • Parking Lot Items / Open Discussion 0.5 hoursParts Recommended … we will have enough for the labs but if you have your own it might make more sense:

Parts Recommended … we will have enough for the labs but if you have your own it might make more sense:

  • WiFi / Ethernet Router
  • USB-Serial DB-9 adapter + null modem cable

Feature Requests

  • Better indication of network health / devices that could possibly go offline
    • Enhancements to XPA BRG routing table ...
    • statistics, % of dev Announce responses within last X hours
    • measure broadcast saturation level - average, peak, etc
    • "-1 hops" is confusing
      • XPA BRG, make this easier to identify
      • devices without routes, make this more clear
  • SV13.5 General
    • change link to XPA BRG (device properties) to go to home index page
    • enable wireless mode in nGWY2
    • add robustness to handle duplicate IDs from different XPA BRGs during migration process, etc.
    • better protection of XPA BRG associations - "admin light" ?
  • XPW Capabilities in SV
    • able to tell if DS is plugged into an XPA RL
    • time delay option for idle time until dim
    • reverse daylighting for entry way
    • more precision for daylight settings at low end
  • Standard work docs
    • How to set setpoints for daylighting
  • standardization
    • standardize IP settings of ACuity devices
    • standardize control settings, sequence of ops
    • coordinating major versions within nLight?
    • how to standardize between different product features etc, need process to align capabilities
      • ask Steve roe and Alex to write up backlog item to bring features up to parity
  • XPA BRG general
    • pull date/time from assigned nGWY2
    • display Firmware version on XPA BRG firmware version
    • get legacy firmware version in routing table
    • add show IP params to help show current IP settings
  • XPA BRG Associations Workflow
    • Automatic export of migration table
    • Improve import capability of migration table
    • Show true PAN in SensorView
    • Ability to label VPorts during Device Associations
    • Wipe routing table following migration
    • smarter import of "load from routing table"
  • Firmware Update process
    • bring this into SensorView
    • OAD statistics
  • Graphical upfront system design like ASD does
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