Field Tech Checklist(*Beta Team members)

1 Download and Review ASD file
2 Get As-Built drawings from contractor;
3 Check Gateway Installation
4 Check: Are lights illuminated?
5 Check OS for power (flashing LEDs)
6 Check PS locations
7 Check WCI locations/Use Network Activity screen to check switch
8 Assign ID numbers to floor plan
9 Verify Lighting Controller locations
10 Set Field State to Operation
11 Discover all devices
12 Compare discovered devices to BOM
13 Check FW version on Lighting Controllers: Needs version 2.1.4
14 Check zones on Jobsite, adjust as needed
15 Set PS sensitivity to Low-0 / High-100
16 Change channel on 2+ gateways
17 Deployment: Gateway Zones
18 Send Channel Info -WCIs and PRs
19 Send Channel Info -LCs and SIs
20 Reboot -WCIs and PRs
21 Reboot- LCs and SIs
22 Deployment: Control Zones
23 Deployment: Sensor Interfaces
24 Deployment: Ballast Configuration
25 Deployment: Get Maximum Load
26 Deployment: Get Minimum Dimming Load (dimming only)
27 Deployment: Set Location
28 Deployment: Channel Closeout (if a Gateway is used on project)
29 Open SI Monitor (DO NOT CLOSE)
30 Test WCIs
31 DAYLIGHTING: Take and record light meter readings on form
32 DAYLIGHTING: Input & Deploy DL settings
33 Test Photo Sensors
34 Change Photo Sensor Heartbeat to 5 mins and deploy
35 Occupancy Sensor Test: Export discovered devices into Excel. Use SI monitor to verify both occupied and unoccupied
36 2nd check of FW version on Lighting Controllers: Needs version 2.1.4
37 Record XML-RPC settings in Excel form
38 Screen capture then import into ASD
39 Deploy EM / Egress settings
40 Deploy Control Modes
41 Deploy other job specific XML-RPC commands
42 Upload ASD file to PWeb and notify creator of GX2 file
43 Update Control Specification as needed
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