How do I address my Minipak hooked to a Synergy cabinet?

In order to control a Sequel Minipak with a Synergy controller, the controller must have a Legacy dimmer card. This will allow the Synergy cabinet to communicate with the dimmer modules in the Minipak.

The address of the dimmer modules in your Minipak is determined by the dip switches on the main control card in your Minipak. These switches, labeled 1 through 10, are a binary addressing system - each address is added to the other switched addresses to determine the base address of the device. Hence, if switch one and switch three are toggled, the base address of the card is 0004. 

The Synergy panel will communicate with these addresses via the legacy card. Please note - the legacy dimmer address will always be one less than the address on the Minipak. For example, a Minipak with four dimmers and a base address of 1, will have a legacy address for each dimmer, starting with 0 and running to 3.

Once configured, your Synergy cabinet control stations can be programmed to send signals to control your Minipak dimmers.


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