Can I use Studio to program multiple Fresco station connected over FCN (RS485) if one is connected to Ethernet

Yes, when the computer is connected via Ethernet to one of the Fresco stations on an RS485 FCN network segment, all of the stations on that network segment will be able to be discovered & programmed from the Studio software. 


Note that:

  • A Fresco network can contain multiple RS485 network segments connected together over Ethernet
  • Each RS485 network segment needs to have a unique Network ID: the combination of the Network ID and Controller ID uniquely identifies each station in the system.
  • Only one station on each RS485 segment can be connected to Ethernet
  • The Ethernet connected station on each RS485 segment will automatically be set as Controller ID 1 in Studio. 
  • If the stations are being configured via the touchscreen, then the user needs to manually set the station which is connected to Ethernet to Controller ID 1 and a unique Network ID (Menu -> Setup -> Controller screen)
  • Stations which are set at a Controller ID other than 1 will automatically disable their Ethernet port.
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