How do I control DMX devices with a Synergy system?

To control your DMX devices with a Synergy system, you will need to have a DMXOUT card installed on your controller. The DMXOUT card takes the inputs sent from your system and translates them into an output suitable for communicating with your DMX fixture. The DMXOUT card can control one half of a DMX Universe, up to 253 DMX slots (outputs). Additional DMX universes can be controlled with additional cards. 

To start, ensure that your DMXOUT card is configured per the installation instructions. Each DMXOUT card must have a unique address, and the LK5 jumpers should be set to reflect the range of dimming addresses you wish to control. If the cabinet is the end of network, ensure that the network termination switch is set to on.

Once configured and installed, the DMXOUT card will register as a Legacy Dimmer on your controller. The legacy dimmer address will always be one number less than the DMX address you are trying to control - hence, if you wish to dim a device whose DMX address is 0001, you will send a command to Legacy Dimmer 0. 

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