How are Synergy stations addressed and grouped?

Like the modules in a Synergy cabinet, stations also use a form of hotel addressing. A station set to address 1 with 9 buttons will have an address of 101-109 for those buttons, also called preset inputs. For stations with additional control channels, an additional set of inputs are created called channel inputs; the numbering for these start with 17 - so the above station with four channels will have input addresses of 117, 118, 119, and 120 assigned to those channels.

These input addresses are also assigned default groups. To prevent the station group addresses from conflicting with the cabinet module addresses, the station addresses have 2000 added to them. Again, with the above example, our 9 button station has groups 2101-2109 assigned to its presets, and 2117-2120 to its channels.

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