What is the recommended 0-10V gauge wire?

A common 0-10VDC wiring type is stranded-copper twisted-pair 18AWG wiring. The wiring is stranded copper because it provides a more stable current path (as DC signals tend to be transferred by the outer edges of the conductor) while being relatively easy to work with; solid wire is usually acceptable in low-voltage systems that use AC control power. Twisted-pair offers some protection against noise while being economical and able to be transported in bulk and easily cut in the field to required length. Typical sizes range from 22AWG to 14AWG, with 18AWG being typical; size can be increased for longer runs where voltage drop is a concern.

The wiring may be specified with shielding or no shielding. As low-voltage wiring is sensitive to electrical noise and electromagnetic interference, shielding provides a degree of immunity, and can be specified for environments where these issues may be a concern.

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