Fresco nLight nIO-X Configuration

Fresco nLight nIO-X Configuration


Hardware: An nLight nIO-X, Fresco, and external control system using serial commands for control.

Firmware: Fresco Firmware 104.2+

Software: nIO-X Encoder/Decoder Application, nIO-X Tester Application


  • The channel does not matter when specifying the ON/OFF/DIM/LEVEL action (default to use Channel 1).
  • The specific level or dim % command will vary depending on the level or % required, if there is a specific value required, the command string can be generated for it using the nIO-X Encoder/Decoder application. Otherwise, the remaining strings are constant.
  • Some status and command / response strings used with the nIO-X are not supported.


Button Configuration

  • Assign Button #1 to control a Zone, Group, Channel, Scene, and Link. The serial commands listed will perform that operation on the target control such as zone ‘on’ to 100% or going to preset level, or linking/unlinking a room for instance.
  • Review the Reference section for serial strings for the Button command string to use for a desired action.

Scene Configuration

  • Assign Scene #1 - #4 to control a Fresco scene. The serial command is always the same, simply change which scene is assigned to the respective scene button (i.e. Scene #1 = Lights On, Scene #2 = Presentation, etc.).
  • Review the Reference section for serial strings for each Scene Button command string to use for a desired action.


  • Use the nIO X Encoder / Decoder application to generate the strings for dim % values or for the specific level values which may not provided in the Reference section.
  • The Reference section lists the serial strings used for the Scene Buttons and some basic levels for the general Button input.
  • Use a terminal application such as TeraTerm or Putty (prefer TeraTerm) to validate sending command strings.
  • Use the nIO-X Tester application to create and send the serial commands to nIO-X to emulate a thirdy party system sending serial commands.

System Overview

System overiew showing External System connected to nIO-X.

Serial commands sent to nIO-X are interpreted by Fresco system.

Fresco System acts on nIO-X commands as configured by the nIO-X configuration.


Scene Commands

Scene #1 Activate

A5 06 85 01 DF F8

Scene #2 Activate

A5 06 85 02 DF FB

Scene #3 Activate

A5 06 85 03 DF FA

Scene #4 Activate

A5 06 85 04 DF FD

Button Commands


A5 08 7A 01 01 00 21 F6


A5 08 7A 01 02 00 22 F6


A5 08 7A 01 03 05 23 F3


A5 08 7A 01 04 05 24 F3


A5 08 7A 01 05 00 25 F6


A5 08 7A 01 05 64 25 92

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