Fresco nLight Photocell Configuration

Fresco nLight Photocell Configuration


Hardware: An Automatic Dimming Control (ADC) enabled nLight device. The product SKU typically has a “-ADC” nomenclature. Any DMX fixture with intensity control is capable of participating in automatic dimming control.

Firmware: Fresco Firmware 109+

Software: Fresco Studio 1.11+

nLight Devices Supporting Global Photocell:

nLight Devices Supported

nLight Devices Not Supported


  • Don’t assign same photocell control zone to more than one photocell. For instance with two photocells, do not assign them both to control zone 1. One photocell for zone 1 and one photocell for zone 2.
  • Only a single Zone or Group per photocell may be controlled by automatic dimming control capabilities of a photocell. If additional Zones or Groups are to be controlled, an additional photocell is required.
  • nLight devices which do not support global photocell control will not function in the Fresco photocell capabilities. See the knowledgebase article for a list of devices which are not supported (they are mostly older generation hardware).
  • DMX and nLight photocell control works by dimming the intensity of the device. If the device is color temperature controlling, the automatic dimming will affect the dimming output or intensity of the current color temperature, not the color temperature itself.
  • nLight photocell and dimming devices must have updated firmware in order to support the global photocell control functionality. Ensure all nLight device firmware is updated.


Disable Automatic Dimming Control

  • Follow Photocell Mode set to Disabled on an Output will not allow the output dimmer/relay to be controlled by the ADC. This has to be done for each Output you do not want to be controlled by the ADC.

- OR -

  • Configure the Daylight Sensor Input Control property to Unassigned.

Enable Automatic Dimming Control

  • On an Output, assign the Follow Photocell Mode. Typically, 'Negative Only'.
  • The current setpoint or footcandle reading is available within the photocell setup <Tap to read footcandle>.
  • Set the Daylight Sensor Input Control property to the Zone or Group for which ADC is to be performed.

Configuring the Setpoint

  • The setpoint for the photocell may be configured manually by specifying the value or by pressing the Calibration menu item under the photocell input. The calibration will cycle the lights off and on and may do this multiple times. If a good reading is not established the lights will cycle several times and the setpoint will defaulted to 4.0.


  • Configure the Dimming Rate to Faster or Fastest when setting up at a job site to test the ADC control functionality easier. Set it back to Normal or other setting for standard operation. Note: This setting is on the Output of the ADC device, *NOT* on the output itself (dimmer or relay).
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