How to configure Fresco for a demo using Ethernet?

Fresco network setup can possibly be more complicated if doing a direct connection to your computer for demo purposes.

Fresco is normally configured to use DHCP on an existing network which will automatically assign IP address settings and allow discovery and configuration over Ethernet.

For demo purposes however; Fresco is typically configured for a Static IP address when doing a demo or small network scenarios.

Configure Fresco and computer for Static IP

To configure Fresco for Static IP and direct connection to your computer.

  1. Connect Ethernet cable: Plug the Ethernet cable into Ethernet port on computer and the other end to the Ethernet port on Fresco.
  2. Configure computer to use Static IP: Configure your computer IP address settings and set your LAN / Ethernet connection to Static IP address and subnet: IP: and Subnet:
  3. Configure your Fresco IP address settings: Set the network type to Static and provide a Static IP address and subnet, the Static IP must be different from your computer IP address: IP of and Subnet of
  4. Restart. Either restart the network adapter on your computer (Disable it then re-enable it) or Restart your computer and the Fresco.
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