How To Address Remote Panel

1. Press Tab Down in User Menu to highlight SETUP Menu and Hit Enter.

2. In SETUP Menu press Enter on "RESTRICTED".

3. Enter the Password Of 900001. (Button sequence for this is as follows: SCROLL DOWN, TAB UP, SCROLL UP, ENTER)

4. In Factory Setup Menu, Press enter on ADDRESSING BUS SCAN.

5. Tab down to ADDRESS BY BUTTON and press ENTER. Scroll up and change the START ADDRESS to 3.

6. Open up the remote panel to reveal the control card, find the “SET/READ ADDRESS” button on the card. It is a flat white button with a silver X over it. It is on the left hand side of the control card. Push it ONE TIME. Go back to the master panel and see if the start address now says 5. If it is still on 3, try again.

7. Press exit twice, then tab down to BUS MAP and press enter.

8. Tab down to address 3, Push the scroll down button twice to change it to LCP 2. Tab down to address 4, it should automatically fill in LCP 2 in the spot as well. If not do it manually.

9. Press EXIT all the way to Main User Menu.

10. Go into MANUAL OVERRIDE, highlight LCP 1 and scroll up to LCP 2. You should now see your relays for LCP 2.

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