How To Address Switch

How To Address Switch:


  1. Plug in switches on BUS
  2. Tab down twice on the screen, then tab down to SETUP MENU and press ENTER.
  3. Press ENTER on RESTRICTED (The button sequence for the password is: SCROLL DOWN, TAB UP, SCROLL UP, ENTER. Password=900001)
  4. Tab down to BUS MAP and press enter. See what two addresses are available, and make note of it. Press Exit one time
  5. Tab up to ADDRESSING BUS SCAN, press ENTER.
  6. Tab down to ADDRESS BY BUTTON and press ENTER.
  7. Scroll up and change the START ADDRESS to the first available address that you found in bus map.
  8. Go to the switch and press the black button that is on the back of the switch ONE TIME. The number on start address should bump up the next number. (ex. If the START ADDRESS is 5, it should now say 6 on the screen)
  9. Go to the other switch and press the same button on the back, this should bump up the number by one.
  10. Press exit twice, then tab down to BUS MAP and press ENTER
  11. Tab down and highlight the address number you assigned, and scroll up to the number of button you need ( ex. 6 button switch= 6 Btn. Switch)
  12. Do the same for next available address
  13. Exit out all the way to the USER MENU, tab down to program switch, and you should now see your switches and they are ready to program.



Here is a link on how to program the switches once you are done with these steps.

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