nBRG: Too many adds/deletes.

When an nBRG detects a large number of additions and/or removals from one of its ports, it will show this error to advise of a potential connection problem. This error is commonly caused by a loose connection, or possibly when physically testing to make sure all devices are connecting properly. If the zone locks out intermittently due to communication errors, rebooting the bridge may only temporarily fix the problem.  Locating the source of communication issues and correcting the add/delete problem must be resolved for long term correction.


  • The bridge port led will blink 5 times (error code 5)
  • In SensorView on bridge status page, the words “Too Many Adds/Deletes” appear
  • On the nGWY2 GFX, selecting “Errored Devices” from the home screen will display this error along with the time and day when it occurred
  • Global channels no longer operate (across entire Gateway or only on local bridge, depending on firmware version as described below in Note 2)


  • If a bridge port detects at least 1 add and 1 delete in 5 consecutive two minute segments (basically over 10 minutes).
  • If a bridge port discovers more than 256 total devices in 24 hours without being reset (this requires at least 128 deletes as well since the most you can discover at a time is 128 devices).


  • Error will automatically clear itself after 10 minutes of no failed packet on the port (if device is newer than 0415 or has had firmware updated since this date – see note 2 below)
  • Manually clear the error by resetting the bridge manually (holding button for >8 seconds)
  • Manually clear the error by resetting the bridge via SensorView

NOTE:  If global channels are still not working after resetting one of the bridges, reset all bridges, allow the devices to rediscover, then attempt to use the global channels again.

NOTE 2:  With the firmware cache released on 1/30/15, the bridge firmware was updated so that a "too many add/deletes" condition will clear after 10 minutes of no failed packets.  Also, with this update global channels will no longer lock out across the entire system - only the zones with the "too many add/deletes" condition will fail to transmit global channels, and all others will continue to operate normally.

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