SYGS Logo Maker - How do I find the logo and transfer to my SYGS?

Under the Technical Documents for the SYGS Product overview, there is a link to the SYGS Logo Maker. While there are basic instructions on how to use the software found in the SYGS Manual, they are not very clear. Here is how you find the logo created by the software and transfer it to your SYGS. 

The logo created by the software has a default extension of .RLL - since this is also the default extension of several system files, it is default set as a hidden file. To find the file and be able to copy it to your SYGS, you must ensure that your system's file explorer is set to look for hidden files.

Search your computer for: logo.rll

Once you locate this file and have connected your SYGS via micro USB (while the SYGS is powered), you can drag the logo.rll file directly to the SYGS, similar in process to transferring a file to a USB thumb drive.

After it copies, eject the SYGS from the computer (from File Explorer, right click on the drive and choose eject), then remove power from the SYGS.

Wait 15 seconds, reconnect power, and give it a few moments to apply the data changes.

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