How to Assign a New Switch New ID in Bus Map

Steps to add New Switch to the Panels (GR 2400, Blue Box Panels ):

1. Press Tab Down in User Menu to highlight SETUP Menu and Hit Enter.

2. In SETUP Menu press Enter on "RESTRICTED".

3. Enter the Pass word Of 900001.

4. In Factory Setup Menu Press Tab Down to High light "BUS MAP"

5. Tab down to first available ID # with UNUSED in front of it and choose the Number of the Button you switch has. (1 Button, 2 Button...).

6. Exit and Tab Up to " Addressing Bus Scan" and his Enter.

7. Choose "Address By Button" Option and his Enter.

8. Change Start Address 1 to the Number you Chose in BUS MAP and Press the Button Number One only ONCE on you Switch. ( You will notice the Number jumps by One on display.

9. Press EXIT all the way to Main User Menu.

10. Tab Up to "PROGRAM SWITCH" and hit enter and you will see the switch that you numbered in the List.



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