Adjusting Day Light Saving Time for DTC prior to V4.25

DTC versions prior to v4.25 do not adjust for Day Light Saving on the correct date, they must be manually set twice a year. To correctly accomplish this both the time and the GMT must be adjusted. The Dusk to Dawn schedules is related to the GMT setting.


  1. From the User Menu screen, tab down to highlight Setup Menu (enter).
    2.  Tab down to highlight System Setup Menu (enter).
  2. Enter Set Time & Date (enter).
  3. Adjust the time (Spring ahead/Fall back)
  4. Tab down to Hit Enter then Press Enter (enter).
  5. Tab down to highlight System Options (enter).
  6. Tab down to Display Options (enter)
  7. Tab down to Daylight Savings and set it to NO.
  8. Tab down to Hit Enter (enter).
  9. Tab up Select Location (enter).
  10. Tab to List of Cites (enter).
  11. Adjust Time Zone: GMT by 1 hour (Spring back -8 to -7/Fall ahead -7 to -8)
  12. Tab down to Hit Enter (enter).
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