“00000000” nGWY2 device-id showing in SensorView

The “00000000” nGWY2 device-id showing in SensorView is typically a side-effect of a wiring loop somewhere in the nLight network.

It may be a wiring loop that existed, but has been since corrected, -or it may still exist.


Here are the suggested steps to recover.

  1. Unplug the downstream nLight cable(s) on the nGWY2, but leave the nGWY2-GFX display connected.


  1. Restore factory settings on the nGWY2 using the nGWY2-GFX display.

     The “Restore Factory Settings” menu can be accessed on the nGWY2-GFX display by entering the display password to access the “Main Menu”, then select “Gateway Setup”, arrow down two pages and select “Restore Factory settings”.

     After restoring factory settings on the nGWY2 you will need to re-configure the time-zone and location setup,  the nGWY2 IP configuration should remain as originally configured.

     Verify that the date and time displayed on the nGWY2-GFX look correct according to your locale.


  1.  Verify that the nGWY2 can now be discovered in SensorView with its correct device-id.

     If a phantom ‘00000000’ gateway still exists in the SensorView device tree, it can be deleted.


  1. Plug the downstream nLight cable(s) back into the nGWY2.


If the “00000000” issue returns, there is most likely a wiring loop that still exists.

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