Troubleshooting Blue Box LT Display

On Many occasions the Blue Box LT display will seem to be displaying a distorted message or no message at all. This is due to a disconnect of ribbon connector used. The display is connected with a ribbon connector that extends from the control card to the display, which is mounted on the swinging white door, making it a moving part that is sensitive.  


When the white door swings open it may pull or apply pressure on the connector, this creates a loss of data due to ribbon connector’s terminals. This will then result in the distortion of the message being displayed.



***If the customer needs lights to be on, put the panel in HAND MODE.

To solve this, begin by disconnecting everything from the Blue Box LT Control Card, then reconnect everything making sure that the power connector is connected last.

Since the Blue Box LT’s whole inner network on the control card has to be complete upon powering. When power is applied it will scan its network upon power up.

It has been found that after the panel has been powered up and the ribbon connector from the display is wiggled the display will be go blank or will begin to display a distorted image.


***Networks that must be connected before powering up: CAT5, DigiLink, photocell, Display, Smacker Strip, or Relays, and the modem, then it is followed by the power connector.

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