xCella: Minor Features

xCella Utility Software User Manual

Broadcast ID
WARNING! Please use caution when broadcast ID as this feature affects all xCella devices within radio range, even xCella devices the software has not detected yet. Also note that with broadcast ID the Read configuration data feature may display misleading information that is mix of received information from different devices within radio range.

Though not recommended for normal use, the software offers the feature of affecting all xCella devices within radio range by specifying the broadcast ID. The broadcast ID can be set by typing “FFFFFFFF” in the “Target Device ID” field.

Read/Write Retry Attempts

Device configuration read and write have auto retry features built in just in case prior read and write attempts fail. “Options > Read/Write Retry Attempts” allows the user to specify how many retry attempts are allowed before the read or write operation is considered a failure and aborted. The default value is “No Limit”; which means the software will keep retrying until the user manually stops the retries by canceling the read or write operation.

Disconnect and Program Close

Close the program by pressing the close [x] button at the top right of the main window. To disconnect the program from the COM port in use without closing the program, thereby cutting any established wireless connection, click on the Disconnect button or select [blank] in the “Port Name” scroll box.

Broadcast Lock Upon Program Exit

If “Options > Broadcast Lock Upon Program Exit” is checked, the program will broadcast a lock when the program exits or if it ever encounters an internal program error and the user choses to close the program at the error prompt.

For security purposes, it is recommended that this feature always be enabled.


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