xCella Device Software Update

WARNING! Please use caution when doing an upgrade as an interruption of the process can render the xCella device inoperable until the software update process is redone and completed. Recommended to double check the xCella device upgrade list before initiating an upgrade and it is highly recommended to resolve any problem devices reported by the software.


The “Device Upgrade” tab is only visible if “Options > Show Advanced Features” is selected. The desired xCella devices to be upgraded are entered into the “Device ID Worklist”.

The “Auto Upgrade From Worklist” button is pressed to initiate the update process. If no file has been specified, the software will ask for a software update file. Such a file will have the file type extension (.hex). A scan is then performed to verify the status of the devcies in “Device ID Worklist.” After the scan and if no problems were found, the upgrade process will commence.

If the scan finds potential problem(s), a confirmation window will appear that lists the problem devices. There are 2 types of problem devices:

  1. Missing devices
  2. Devices with weak signals – A “Weak Signal Threshold” can be set with a negative value (in dBm). The software will accept weaker signals when the Weak Signal Threshold is given a lower value (i.e. one that is more negative).

The user can then confirm which of the potential problem devices to continue upgrading. The user can continue with the upgrade without selecting any of the potential problem devices.

The confirmation window also has a number of buttons available, which are described below:

Rescan – Perform a rescan for problem devices

Select All – Select all problem devices

Clear All – Deselect all problem devices

Abort – Abort the software upgrade process before software upgrade actually begins.

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