xCella Device Configuration


xCella device configuration features are available in the “Device Memory Settings” tab. The software has 3 different tables selectable via a scroll box.

  1. “xCella RF Node Device Map” – For pairing xCella devices and wireless input devices together. There are 16 Slots available.
  2. “xCella RF Node Variables” – For reading and writting xCella device internal memory variables. These variables configures how the xCella device operates.
  3. “Device Memory” – Feature meant only for advanced users. Visible if “Options > Show Advanced Features” is selected. Allows full access to the entire internal EEPROM memory space of an xCella No further explanations will be given.

There are several variables in the “xCella RF Node Device Map” that would be overwhelming if displayed all at once. So different views of the table were created so that it is easier to view different categories of variables. Some examples of these views include:

  • All Variables – All available variables
  • Default – Default view
  • Wireless Switch Variables – Variables that affect how an xCella device responds to wireless switches
  • Wireless Photocell Sensor – Variables that affect how an xCella device responds to wireless photocells
  • Device 3 Variables – Variables that affect how an xCella device responds to a wireless input device placed at Slot 3 of the “xCella RF Node Device Map” table
  • LOAD 1 Variables – Variables that affect xCella RF Node relay output behavior
  • Node Manufacturing Variables – Read only factory settings

For some variables displayed, the “Value” cell is actually a push button. Pushing this button will bring up a window for turning on and off a set of sub-variables belonging to the variable with the push button “Value” cell.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A configuration data write cannot be undone. It is recommended to double check the configuration data before performing a write.

It is important to note that the data displayed in the tables are stored in the software’s temporary storage memory and are not stored in the targeted xCella device itself. The Read button reads data from the targeted xCella device and places it in the software temporary storage memory. The Write button writes data from the software temporary storage memory to the targeted xCella device. The Clear button resets the software temporary storage memory to default values.

It is also important to note that after a write of configuration data, the new changes do not take effect until the device is reset via the RESET button. To make working with xCella devices easier, the convenient “Options > Reset After Write” feature is provided. When the feature is active, an RESET command is sent out by the software automatically after a write sequence has finished. With the feature on, configuration Writes have immediate effect.

Once a read or write operation is in progress, pressing the read or write button again cancels the whole process.


From: xCella Utility Software User Manual 


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