XCella: Software Update Process Details

An xCella device needs to be placed in upgrade mode before it will accept any xCella device software update commands. Software update data to be transmitted wirelessly to the xCella device is contained in software update files with a .hex file type extension. The software update data consists of software instruction bytes grouped into software flash pages. The software update process is performed by uploading a set of device software flash pages. To ensure a flash page has been received without corruption, the xCella RF Node can respond back with flash page CRC8 checksum values upon request. The received CRC8 values can then be compared with the CRC8 values contained in the software update file. If the received and file CRC8 values for a given page match, then that page was received by the xCella RF Node without corruption. Otherwise, the page would have to be retransmitted. A blank page does not have to be transmitted. A blank page consists of all hexadecimal “F” values. The page numbers range from 0x000 (0 in hexadecimal) to 0x1FF (511 in hexadecimal).

Manual Software Update Feature Description

  1. Device Upgrade window – Displays the following information
    1. Page Number
    2. Page data bytes
    3. CRC8 check value from the software update file
    4. CRC8 check value received from the device – If the value is “Not Check”, that means this page was not checked for data corruption and the CRC8 comparison result has no meaning
    5. CRC8 comparison result – Either a match or mismatch
  2. “Load Firmware File” button – Allows user to select a software update file. xCella devices are embedded devices and software for embedded devices is called firmware.
  3. “Enter Upgrade” button – Click to bring the xCella RF Node into upgrade mode
  4. “Exit Upgrade Mode” button – Click to bring the xCella RF Ndoe out of upgrade mode
  5. “Upload Flash Page” button – Upload selected flash pages. If multiple flash pages are selected, the software will send out each flash page automatically.
  6. “Request Checksum” button – Requests a contiguous set of CRC8 checksums. A CRC8 response can contain a maximum of 32 CRC8 flash page check values. The maximum number of flash page check values are returned if the CRC8 request command is sent out pointing to a page at the beginning of a 32 page CRC8 block. CRC8 blocks begin at Page 0.

From: xCella Utility Software User Manual 


Alan Rayborn

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