xCella: Remote Management and Commissioning

These features are found either at the main window or at the “Remote Management” tab. The section “Job Site Commissioning with xCella Software Example” describes a typical job site commissioning scenario and how the software’s can be used in this scenario. The remote management and commissioning features are listed below:

  1. The “Remote Management” tab “Find xCella Devices” button does a scan for xCella devices within radio range and lists the devices found in the “Device ID Worklist”. It also detects which of the found devices that are currently in software update mode and indicates this fact with comments.
  2. “Dim To” button and value selection scroll box allows the user to manually set xCella device dimming output voltage within a range of 0 to 10V.
  3. ACTION button causes thexCella RF Node to toggle on and off the light it is controlling. This allows thexCella RF Node to be physically located. The “ACTION” button has 2 modes of operation selectable via “Options > Action behavior”.
    • Single Toggle
    • Repeating Toggle – The toggle time period is specified with “Options > Action behavior > Toggle Period”. The time value is specified in milliseconds. So the default value of 2000 corresponds to 2 seconds.
  4. The “Active Device ID” list has a wireless signal reception beacon feature to indicate a currently transmitting device. A transmitting device will have placed on top of the list with its ID cell background color highlighted for a brief time. This feature and repeated actuation of a wireless device allows the user to deduce the wireless device’s ID.
  5. The “Set Mode – Pairing” button places an xCella device in pairing mode in order to enable input wireless devices to be paired to xCella
  6. The “Set Mode – Normal” button places an xCella device in normal operation mode.
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