Is it okay to use MC w/ 0-10V Cable in it?

Running 0-10V dimming wires in the same conduit as line voltage is not recommended.

The NEC does say that Class 1 and Class 2 wiring in the same conduit is NOT allowed, regardless of the insulation rating of the conductors. They need to be ran separately or at least separated by a continuous barrier. Running 0-10V dimming wires in the same conduit as line voltage will only be allowed if both the LED driver (or ballast) and the control module are rated for Class 1 wiring, and if the insulation requirements are met. It’s important to note that NOT all LED drivers in the market have their 0-10V dimming rated for Class 1 wiring.

Even if all the required conditions (per NEC) are met to allow running the 0-10V dimming in the same conduit as line voltage, we still do not recommend doing so in most cases. This is because we may ran into a situation where the 0-10V wiring can pick up 60Hz AC noise from the line voltage wiring, which can lead to dimming performance issues.

Our RELOC wiring solution does have 0-10V wires running with line voltage, but it is in a special encapsulated insulation that incorporates a grounded barrier around the low voltage to help mitigate issues, interference, and at the same time comply with the isolation required by the NEC.

If the type of MC Cable (w/ 0-10V wires) being used is exactly the same as our RELOC (which is doubtful) where there is an encapsulated insulation with an incorporated grounded barrier to completely isolate the low voltage wires, then they can use that. Otherwise, they can use it at their own risk.

If there are any dimming performance issues, the MC Cable will be the first thing to be blamed.  

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