PLR notes

PLR’s are strip fixtures that can be plugged end-to-end


PLR stands for Plug, round PLF stands for Plug, flat

PLR1 – black and white

PLR1G – with ground

PLR1LV – low voltage (includes dimming leads) PLR1LVG – same with ground


PLR2 – two circuits

PLR2x – specify which fixture is connected

PLR2AB – all ballasts connected to this circuit

PLR22 – crossover, so alternating fixtures are on each circuit. Black alternates with red.

PLR3 – three circuits

PLO CRE - with no plug on one end goes on the end fixture for the electrician to splice in through the access panel.

PLR_X – fixture not connected to PLR (for auxiliary power for night lighting or something)

PLF_ - rectangle 4 conductor plug harness. Will not fit through 7/8” diameter knockout. Work best with strip fixtures where end plate can be removed. PLF is the old standard, we only really use it now to fit into existing runs, etc.

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