What components do I need to have a complete, XPoint Wireless (XPW) system?

A minimum XPoint Wireless system consists of XPoint Wireless Enabled Luminaires and a Wireless Gateway (XPA GW). One Gateway can support up to 250 wireless devices (additional gateways are purchased as necessary). These are the basic required components. If the fixtures have integrated sensors then this system can be programmed to function autonomously based on sensor activity. Optional system components include:
* remote mounted wireless occupancy and daylight sensors (e.g., XPA CMRB6) that can be used to detect occupancy or motion at specific areas and grouped with wireless luminaires
* Wall control interface with rocker switch (e.g., XPA WCI and RS CC)
* XPoint Wireless Uplink to LC&D backbone, which enables the use of LC&D Digital timeclock for scheduling, LC&D DigitalSwitches, LC&D Link To BMS interfaces, and LC&D Link to Open ADR for automated demand response.
* GX2 Software, pre-installed on GX2 Gateway (software host plus web server)



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