.IES and AGI program compatibility

There is the physical length, width and height, and there is the luminous length, width and height.

The “shape” of the dimensions is assumed to be rectangular unless there is a negative sign in front of the number, which represents circular.

In the photometric file the dimension for both the physical and luminous length is -.67’ indicating a round column that is approx.. 9” in diameter. Since there is no “bottom” or “top” those dimensions are set to zero (which is why you get the dark circle around the base of the bollards).

That being said, the method that AGI uses to “interpret” these dimensions and assign a symbol within the program is entirely up to them. It could easily be that the zeros for the dimensions are causing AGI to choke and not be able to display correctly. That is why most programs allow the user to select the type of symbol used in their program and over-ride any automatic selection process which can be very misleading if taken literally.

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